Colour Correctors


Have you ever walked into a Makeup shop or department store and seen all these fancy colour correctors and thought … What the hell are these ?!

I was one of them. They looked scary and I thought … Green ….unless I’m going for the Princess Fiona look I shall not be buying that!

These are not as scary as they look and actually are so great for balancing out your skin tone.

I am a keen Urban Decay purchaser - I love their products, they are certified by PETA as cruelty-free - they don’t test on animals and most of their products are vegan and slowly becoming 100% vegan in time.

I use them a lot for my Occasional and Bridal Makeup clients and so I thought I would go through the Urban Decay colour correctors with you and show you what each one does.

All of these products are Vegan and it has a light weight formula. To help you understand what each colour will correct I have posted below a Colour Wheel - this is usually used by artists and painters, and since I am a Makeup ARTIST, this also helps within Makeup.

Colour Wheel.jpg

The colour wheel works by looking at the opposite colour. If we want get rid of redness - you use green, if you want to get rid of blue dark circles - we use peach or orange, and so on.

This also works when wanting do makeup looks and seeing what colours also compliment each other, for example using purple shadow with a pop of yellow go well together if you want to create a colourful eye. If you have green eyes, then pink, reds and golden warm tone colours go well, so lets get on with describing what each corrector will help you with.

stipple brush.jpg


So Green colour corrector, if we look at the colour wheel, you can see it will help to reduce any redness on your face. I am extremely prone to redness, I get flushed cheeks, redness around the nose and slightly on my chin. This can also help when covering any spots, red acne, broken blood vessel and so on.

So once I have prepped and primed my face for Makeup, this is the first thing I use. Now …. less is more unless you are going for the Shrek look! You really don’t need to use a lot of this products, a small amount goes far - and if you haven’t got enough then you can add more after.

You can either use your ring finger - as it is the lightest touch, and with a dab and roll motion apply small amounts of product to any redness areas. For larger areas like cheeks, I tend to use a stipple brush like above. I dot the product onto my skin and with light circular motions I blend the product until the redness has gone.

If you have gone over board, try and blend as much as you can, but remember you are going to cover this with foundation so don’t worry if you can still see a slight amount of green product, it can be covered.

concealer brush.jpg

Peach and Dark Peach

If we look at the colour wheel again, you can see that peach will balance out any blue or green areas - anywhere with a bit of blue-hued darkness. For me I get dark circles under the eyes, I also have a few veins that show around my eyes and eyelid so I tend to use peach corrector here to counteract this. You can also use the darker peach to conceal any dark spots (age spots), veins and so on.

I tend to use either ring finger with a light dab and roll motion or to apply to more tricky areas such as under the eye and socket I would use a small domed concealer brush like above when applying this product. When using the brush I would dab small amounts of this product on, when you swipe the product across it can just swipe it around and not actually cover anything.

Again, less is more, apply a small amount on the dark areas only, if this is not enough you can apply more to build it up.



Following on from how the Peach corrector works, pink corrector works in the same way and can also help with concealing dark circles, I would use this on someone with a fair skin tone.

With someones skin being very fair, the peach can sometimes be too ‘orangey’ for their skin tone so I would use a pink.

This product can also work well as a highlighter. If you apply the product to areas such as cheek bones, brow bones, along the nose, cupids bow this can add dimensions to your face and enhance your glow.

concealer brush.jpg
stipple brush.jpg


Looking at the colour wheel, yellow colour corrector will balance out any purple tones to the skin which can again be found under the eyes or around the eye socket.

This product can also help to brighten up dull skin complexions, skin that is lackluster - skin that has lost its glow and radiance. What can cause dull skin - ageing, sun damage, lifestyle, not drinking enough water.

When using this product around the eye I would use the dome concealer brush, with a small amount of product using a dabbing motion, not a sweeping motion - we want to cover not wipe around.

For adding to your cheeks, forehead, chin - I would again use the stipple brush and with light circular motions blend the product.



As we have just talked about how yellow counteracts any purple-hued areas, Lavender corrector balances out any yellow undertones of the skin.

For example someone with sallowness - by that I mean when the skin has lost its natural complexion and can look a bit yellow or brown, the lavender will help neutralise the skin tone to appear brighter.

I would use this product with a stipple brush again, I would dot small amounts of the product onto the yellowish areas and with circular motions blend to cover the area.

So I hope this has cleared up any of your concerns or questions around colour correctors. You can get colour correctors in cream forms as well as liquid, its down to preference really on what you like, but remember this is to be applied before foundation. This balances out the skin tone in prep for the rest of your makeup.

Have you used these products before? What did you think?

If you have a special occasion coming up where you would like your Makeup done - check out my Makeup & Beauty page, or why not email me to book in - I offer occasional Makeup as well as bridal makeup, my bridal Makeup trials are 2 hours long where I can offer you the best advice for your big day.